Motor protective circuit-breakers
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Product range
Inputs connection type
Rated operational current at DC-21A25 Ie A
Rated operational voltage1000 Ue V
Inputs number of strings2
Degree of ProtectionIP65
Amount Photo Part no. Catalog No. Short Text Std. pack Inputs connection type
          Del. unit Std. pack  
SOL30-SAFETY/2MC4-U(230V50HZ) 144122 Fireman's switch, 25A, MC4, UA 230V50Hz 1 1 MC4
SOL30-SAFETY/2MV-U(230V50HZ) 144123 Fireman's switch, 25A, MV, UA 230V50Hz 1 1 M12
SOL30-SAFETY/2MV-U(24VDC) 172945 Fireman's switch 25 A; with gland nut; undervoltage release 24 VDC 1 1 M12