Control relays, multi-function-displays
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Product range
Inputs basic unit (number)
Outputs basic unit (number)
Basic function
Supply voltage24 V DC
Displaywithout display, without keypad
Connection typescrew terminal
Amount Photo Part no. Catalog No. Short Text Std. pack Inputs Outputs Expansions
          Del. unit Std. pack Digital Type Outputs Transistor  
EASY802-DC-SWD 152901 Control relay, 24 V DC, SmartWire-DT 1 1         SmartWire-DT
EASY806-DC-SWD 152902 Control relay, 24 V DC, 4DI(2DI, 2DO), easyNet, SmartWire-DT 1 1 4 Transistor 2 2 SmartWire-DT
Networkable (easyNet)